Note of intention

When Klaus Cornfield, singer for the Orchestre Miniature in the Park, asked me in August 2010 if I would like to make a film about their orchestra in the framework of my film series Dasein Projekt, I didn’t hesitate for long.

There were two reasons why.

Firstly: I already knew Klaus and members of the orchestra well, I had already had the oportunity to film them in Paris and Berlin, we had many friends and collaboraters in common. A large part of the artists already represented in the Dasein network had brought me towards them. Dasein Projekt consists of a series of films where the notion of networking and exchange is primordial. So for me it was evident that the family representing the Orchestre Miniature in The Park had its place in the Dasein Projekt.

Secondly: this film had the principal idea to follow the orchestra in France and Spain, on the banks of the Atlantic Ocean.  September was promising to be very sunny and simply, the summertime was a great theme for the orchestra, who uniquely play cover songs of which the titles have the word « sun » or « summer ». The sun, and what I call the « sun sensation » constitutes an important notion in my videographic work. Making a documentary in the frame of this trip gave me the occasion to treat it from another angle.

SUN, therefore as the protagonist of this film.

The members of the ORCHESTRE MINIATURE IN THE PARK as messangers for the sun, as an excuse to film. They portray the characters who render history intelligible.

I don’t need to be under the sun to perceive it, above all it is a strong mental image. Thinking of the sun, feeling it, takes me back to my childhood, to something simple. It also takes me back to the moments of my life that have marked me and subtily reappeared despite me, « without any warning » each time gave me a feeling of perfection.  I call this the « sun sensation ».

This piece of a driving sensation that will return. It’s the hope of come-back which lets me get up in the morning with the strength and the will to live the beautifull strong moments that our  existence offers. The perfect moments.

And so, a film about THE SUN.

And the sensation that it provides, THE SUN SENSATION

So I said « ja! sehr gern! » to Klaus, and I followed the Orchestre Miniature in the Park aka OMP during their musical tour in september 2010, on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and in France. Because, after all, we haven’t ever been to Spain.

OMP, is a group of 30 street musicians, based in Berlin, originally from many different countries and different backgrounds. They often reunite to play in the streets, in the parks, or in cafés and clubs when it’s too cold outside.

Synopsis (extrait)

*Orchestre Miniature in the Park*, ce sont 25 personnes de plusieurs nationalités, de milieux différents,

qui se réunissent régulièrement pour jouer de la musique. Ils s’exposent dans les parcs, dans la rue, et dans les bars/cafés quand il fait trop froid.

*Orchestre Miniature in the Park*, ce sont 25 couleurs s’exprimant avec des instruments de musique pour enfants et ayant pour unique règle d’interpréter des chansons dont le titre contient le mot « soleil » ou le mot « été ».

Quand *Orchestre Miniature in the Park* entre en action, ça vibre, notre cœur alpagué ne sait plus faire la différence entre ses pieds et le ciel.

Les Pieds dans le ciel est construit sur une double temporalité.

Il y a tout d’abord le voyage :

une déambulation humaine et musicale de 8 jours sur les bords de l’Atlantique française. Ils étaient 20, 25 parfois, ils parlaient fort, vite, ensemble, seuls, seul, ils jouaient de la musique du matin jusqu’à la dernière heure de la nuit. C’était l’été, c’était chaud, et le vent rendait fou.

Et il y a l’après : le temps des interviews à Berlin, des temps intimes à trois : une caméra, une réalisatrice et chaque membre du groupe individuellement. L’hiver arrivait doucement, chacun avait rejoint la chaleur de la maison.

Les Pieds dans le ciel est aussi construit via deux fils conducteurs comme deux intensités.

Il y a tout d’abord la volonté de montrer la magie grâce à laquelle 25 personnes ne forment qu’une entité, généreuse et lumineuse. C’est ce qu’il se passe « ensemble », à l’unisson, l’orchestre en tant qu’arc en ciel. Tous = 1.

Et il y a aussi, le désir de palper ce qui est mis de coté, ce que chaque personne ne raconte pas pour exister au sein de l’orchestre. Ce sont les couleurs individuelles. 1 et 1 et 1…

Synopsis (Auszug)

Das *Orchestre Miniature in the Park* besteht aus 25 Personen unterschiedlicher Nationalität, die aus verschiedenen Lebenssituationen kommen und sich regelmäßig zusammenfinden, um gemeinsam Musik zu machen. Sie spielen in Parks, auf der Straße und in Bars/Cafés, wenn es draußen zu kalt ist.

Das *Orchestre Miniature in the Park* besteht aus 25 Klangfarben, die mit Kindermusikinstrumenten zum Ausdruck gebracht werden und deren einzige Regel darin besteht, Lieder zu spielen, in deren Titel das Wort „Sonne“ oder „Sommer“ vorkommt.

Wenn das *Orchestre Miniature in the Park* in Aktion tritt, fängt alles an zu vibrieren, und unser gefangenes Herz kann nicht mehr zwischen seinen Füßen und dem Himmel unterscheiden.

Les Pieds dans le ciel wurde auf einer doppelten Zeitlichkeit aufgebaut.

Zuerst war da die Reise: für acht Tage ein menschliches und musikalisches Umherreisen an der französischen Atlantikküste. Sie waren zu 20, manchmal 25, sie sprachen laut, schnell, gemeinsam, alleine, einsam und machten von morgens bis spät in die Nacht Musik. Das war der Sommer, es war heiß und der Wind machte einen ganz verrückt.

Und dann kam das Danach: die Zeit der Interviews in Berlin, gemütliche Momente zu dritt: eine Kamera, eine Regisseurin und jedes einzelne Gruppemitglied. Der Winter kam allmählich, und jeder war wieder in der Wärme seiner Wohnung angelangt.

Les Pieds dans le ciel wurde auch über zwei rote Fäden aufgebaut, die einer doppelter Intensität ähnlich sind.

An erster Stelle steht der Wille, die Magie zu zeigen, dank der 25 Personen eine Einheit bilden, feurig und leuchtend. Das geschieht „gemeinsam“, im Gleichklang, das Orchester als Regenbogen.

Alle = 1.

Dann gibt es noch den Wunsch, das abzutasten, was beiseite gelassen wurde, das, was nicht jeder erzählt, um ein Teil des Orchesters zu sein. Das sind die individuellen Klangfarben.

1 und 1 und 1...


56 min. F/D

France  + Berlin

Jul 2011

Auteure - Réalisatrice / Autorin - Regisseurin Estelle Beauvais

Camera, Editing Estelle Beauvais

Sous-titrage / Untertitel Maïté Delau

Avec la participation de / Mit der Teilnahme von

Alise (Melodica), Annett (Kinderklavier),

Barbara (flöte), Christoph (bass+akkordeon)
Friedemann (flöte), Janek (drums)
Julien (guitalele), Karen (e-bass)
Klaus (lead singer), Laureline (percussion)
Leonie (glockenspiel), Marc (gitarre),
Mawil (guitalele), Nadja (Kinderklavier)
Noël (ukulele), Ralf (e-gitarre),

Sandy (Melodica), Susanna (Violin)
Suska (guitar), Tina (MiniKeyboard)

aka das *Orchestre Miniature in the Park*

Lieux / Orte

France. La Rochelle, Lacanau, Bordeaux, Marne-la-Vallée. Atlantique française / Französische Atlantikküste

Paris, Marne-la-Vallée


Musiques / Musik

e gitarren thema Performed by Janek Sprachta

glockenspiel thema Performed by Klaus Cornfield & Janek Sprachta

Hot Summer Nights Written by Meat Loaf - Performed by OMP

betty blue thema Inspired by the movie Betty Blue

- Performed by Klaus Cornfield

Seasons in the sun Written by Terry Jack - Performed by OMP

Sunshine Reggea Written by Laid Back - Performed by OMP

The Sun will follow Written by Pianosaurus - Performed by OMP

beach walk thema Inspired by Jonathan Richman

- Performed by Klaus Cornfield

Welcome Juliette Written by and Performed by OMP



The construction of the film

This film is built on a double temporality.

First, the trip: a musical human wandering for 8 days along the Atlantic in France. It was 20, sometimes 25 degrees, they spoke loudly, quickly, together, alone, they played music from morning till the last hours of the night. It was summer, it was hot, and the wind drove us mad. The video camera was discreat, observing, accompanied by life. We lived the sun.

Secondly, afterwards : the interview period in Berlin, the intimate moments : each member of the OMP individually, and the video camera. Winter was softly coming, everyone had gone back to the warmth of their houses and their everyday lives. The video camera gathered its memories and emotions from each member, like a confidente. We spoke of the sun. And of the sun sensation.

The trip taken with OMP wasn’t always easy. Most of the members of the group qualified their organisation as chaotic themselves. It was not easy to move and live with 25 people whilst respecting the wishes and freedom of each person.

For me, what came out of the trip above all, what was given to me to observe, is a succession of intense emotions, extreme, pleasant or upsetting, punctuated by latency.

The latency deriving (it must be said) by the completly random organisation and incertitude of the group (could we speak to them about organisation?) also being revealed. Indicative of a time to be taken. Of an imposed time to live. The ultimate instants of emotion  (such as the concerts, the hours at the beach, the shared moments) only became stronger.

So it’s with what each person kept as a strong moment, « perfect », that I’ve chosen to make the film.

That’s why it is important to interview different membres of the group a few weeks after the filming (in winter) in another environment (Berlin, the home town).

I questioned them about their relationship with the sun, what it evokes for them. I also asked them what a perfect moment represented for them. Quite quicky and naturally, they spoke of their group and of the trip to bring out images that were very strong for them.

Each group member had their own prefered moment to tell me about, and as a consequence a hazy idea, subjective and as all memory, also devoured by the light (overexposed) by what is the « sun sensation » and the sentiment of perfection that it procures.

« At that precis moment, it was beautifull, it was strong, it was intense. It was perfect. »

Whilst editing, the shape of the film, I confronted (mixed up) the answers so that we can’t distinguish wheather or not the characters are talking about the sun, their trip, their life in  general, and so creating a memory space in common.

Estelle Beauvais, Juli 2011


FILM - 56 min. (3 players)